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1200 Litre Fuel Station Marine Oil Spill Kit

1200 Litre Fuel Station Marine Oil Spill Kit
1200 Litre Fuel Station Marine Oil Spill Kit

Our 1200 Litre Fueling Station Marine Spill Kit has been designed to enable you to boom and isolate an area where an oil or fuel spill has occurred. The kit has everything needed to cope with an emergency spill. It has Marine Booms, oil only pillows, oil and fuel only absorbent pads and rolls all contained in weather proof containers.

The large quantity of marine booms enables you encircle an area of approximately 60 metres either on land or water. The 2 extra long oil only rolls will give you over a 100 metres of sorbent length and the pads give you extra soak-up capabilities.

The Fuel Station Marine spill kit is contained in three 500 litre containers to enable easy storage and placement which gives you the ability to put these kits in strategic places. By having them in multiple containers you should have 1 kit nearby at all times and be able to move the remaining units quickly and easily to the source of the oil spill.

The containers are lockable and weatherproof and the absorbent contents are evenly distributed across the lockers which are easily moved by pallet truck or forklift

Total Kit contents:

200x Absorbent Pads
20x 3 Metre Marine Booms
x 30x35cm Marine Pillows
x 3 Metre x 8cm Marine Socks
x 40cm x 52 Metre Blue Oil Roll
x Oversuits
x Goggles
x 5Metre 6mm poly rope
x pairs PVC Gloves
x Disposal Bags
x Bag Ties
x Instructions & Contents
x Bunker containers

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