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Drum Dispensing

Heavy-duty drum storage and dispensing solutions

Our Heavy Duty Drum Storage and Dispensing Racks provide a secure and efficient storage method for your 205Litre drums. Whether you're storing your drums horizontally or stacking them vertically, our Drum Racks will keep them balanced and secure for maximum safety whilst the massive capacity bunds will ensure that any drip, leaks or spills are contained.

Brand: SERPRO Model: RAK18199
Size: 135 x 137 x 158cmSump Capacity: 450 LitresMax Load: 1000KgColour: Yellow The SERPRO Dum Rack system is the answer to your containment racking system. The base is made in two sections from highly durable polyethylene the base will hold a massive 450 Litres, more than enough to cope with over 2 ..
Bunding for Pallet Racks Bunding for Pallet Racks
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Brand: SERPRO Model: RAK18314
Length: 131cm Width: 132cm Height: 24.5cm Weight: 25kg Sump: 220Ltr You now have the ability to turn standard pallet racking into Super Bunded Racking within minutes. Made from tough and durable 100% polyethylene, the rack-bund sits across the beams and your pallet then rests inside the bund. This..
Drain Seal with Clamp
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Brand: SERPRO Model: DRAIN17626
Drain Seal with clamp..
Brand: SERPRO Model: SJ-200-001
Just add one modular Stacker to the Drum Rack Base and you’ve got a 4-drum storage racking system. Add another Stacker and now you’re up to a 6-drum storage system. Each Modular Stacker holds two 205 Litre drums and handled easily by a fork lift. Size: 135 x 94 x 39cm Max Load: 1350Kg..
Horizontal Drum Lifting Sling
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Brand: SERPRO Model: DRM18206
Safely use overhead cranes or forklifts to move drums and barrels safely. For use with steel drums. Lift and move drums easily Our Steel Drum Sling allows you to lift steel drums horizontally, for placement in drum racks and other types of storage rack systems. Constructed of heavy-duty steel w..
In-Line Spillpallet 4-Drum (YELLOW) In-Line Spillpallet 4-Drum (YELLOW)
Top Brand
Brand: Jonesco Model: SJ-100-061
Another way to manage your hazardous materials. Holds upto 4 205 Litre drums. Raised edge on back and sides helps orientate barrels on the pallet. Non-Skid removable grates enable easy cleaning and removal of liquids. 27cm Low profile Use the 4 Drum In-Line Spillpallet against walls, between colum..
Brand: SERPRO Model: RAG19580
Quality cut, mixed coloured, T-shirt grade rags. Cost effective solution for your wiping requirements. A soft cotton wipe suitable for general purpose use, mopping oils and non-corrosive chemicals. 9.5 Kg Compressed Bale If you would like a sample of this product - please CLICK HERE..
Brand: SERPRO Model: PLG17763
Pack Size: 1Kg tub Pack Qty: 1 Ready mixed Plug-and-Dyke is an exceptionally efficient form of sealant for leaks in tanks, pipes and drums. Quick and easy to apply to any surface. Requires no surface preparation and can be applied directly over the leak and will seal immediately...
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