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Bilge Pads and Booms

Size: 50cm x 8cm dia Pack qty: 2 Pack sorbency: 4.5L Supplied with 2 metres of cord. DON'T PUMP OIL OVERBOARD! Use a Bilge Boom Specially designed slim-line bilge socks with high capacity sorbency that soak up oils and fuels in the bilge. Our Bilge socks are made with eyelets which allows you to tie..
Brand: SERPRO Model: BOM17824
Size: 12cm x 3 Metre Pack Qty: 4 Pack Sorbency: 160 Litres Extra long Oil and Fuel absorbent socks ideal for oil spill control, skimming oil off water and oil spill cleanup. The extra lngth makes it easy when having to place around a leaking machine or around a pallet for instance. With their m..
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