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Loose absorbents

Easy-to-use clay and woodfibre granules

Loose Absorbents provide a quick, highly absorbent spill cleanup solution for oil and chemical spills. SERPRO offers several brands of loose absorbent for you to choose from. ESorb floor sweep is an effective alternative to clay that provides an all-natural solution that absorb oil, grease and water. Abzorbit absorbent granular compound absorbs twenty times its weight and quickly removes the slippery sheen off floors.

Brand: SERPRO Model: VEO-soakup-7
7 Litres Veosorb Soakup Granules in a Clip Top Tub Veosorb Soakup Granules Manufactured from recycled cellulose fibre, a renewable resourceCellulose fibre construction absorbs up to 7 times more than clay type products reducing disposal costsCertified 100% Bio-Organic material makes it safe for..
Brand: SERPRO Model: ABSO-NM
These multi-purpose absorbent granules come in a handy dispenser box with a closable pouring spout. They absorb oil, fuel and chemicals. It cleans and drys the floor, will supress odours and is non-dusting. Ideal for vehicle bays and workshops. 100% natural product. 5L box..
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