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Chemical Spill Kits

Spill Cleanup of unknown and hazardous chemicals

A Chemical Spill Kit will be necessary when you are working with hazardous materials and chemicals. Our spill kits contain the right kinds of absorbents capable of dealing with accidental spills that involve acids, bases, alkalis and unknown fluids.

Acid Absorbent

Hazmat Chemical Kits contain a variety of acid absorbent products, which will also absorb alkalis, and are ideal for immediate response to various chemical acid spills and come in a variety of configurations such as portable bagged kits for small spills, mobile container kits for quick response to medium to large chemical spills and cabinet spill kits to be placed in centralized locations throughout your facility.

Not just a chemical spill kit.

Working with toxic chemicals and materials without the proper equipment is a recipe for disaster. Handling these dangerous substances unprotected can result in serious injury or maybe even death.

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