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40 Litre Acid and Hazchem Spill Kit with Neutraliser in Clip Top Tub

40 Litre Acid and Hazchem Spill Kit with Neutraliser in Clip Top Tub
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40 Litre Acid and Hazchem Spill Kit with Neutraliser in Clip Top Tub

Kit Contents:

6 x 500gm VYTAC acid neutraliser
5 x Absorbent socks
10 x Absorbent Pads
1 x Dustpan and Brush
1 x Safety Googles
1 x Gauntlets
2 x Disposal Bags with Ties

For the safe, quick and easy clean up of spilled acid.

Acid spills can be a serious health and safety threat as well as being an environmental risk. The liquid contained in the majority of vehicle batteries (lead and sulphuric acid) can contribute to fire, employee injuries and ground water and soil contamination. Keeping a battery acid spill kit on site can help protect employees and the environment from contamination.

The Acid Spill Kit contains products designed to contain and neutralise and clean up battery and other acids. The spill kit decontaminates the affected area and quickly returns it to a usable condition.

Benefits of the Acid Spill Kit:

  • Neutralise spilled acid before clean up
  • Easy to use safely - Obvious colour change when using the VYTAC on application indicates effective neutralisation
  • Returns your work area to a usable stsate quickly - Decontaminate and clean up in one step
  • Reduce hazardous waste - After neutralisation, residues of battery acids are environmentally benign and can be flushed into the foul water system

The VYTAC acid neutralsier features a visual indication system that turns the spilled acid a bright pink colour to show when neutralisation is complete and the acid safe to clean up. After neutralisation,

  • Suitable for use in fork lift truck charging areas and power pack back up rooms
  • Formulated for the containment, neutralisation and clean up of acids
  • Decontaminates the affected area and quickly returns it to a workable condition
  • After neutralisation, residues of acid spill are environmentally benign and can be disposed of as general waste

The spill kit also contains absorbent socks to effectively contain spills and protect drains, and absorbent pads to soak up spilled liquids. Disposal bags and zip-ties, gloves and goggles also included for personal protection and safe disposal.

Chemical Absorbent Socks and Pads: Designed specifically for use with chemical and hazardous liquids, chemical absorbent socks and pads are suitable for use in all areas of chemical plant and chemical manufacturing and can be used on caustics, acids, solvents, oils and fuels as well as many common fluids. The bright yellow colour indicates hazardous material.

Disposal Bags & Ties: Premium yellow micron disposal bags with zip ties. Printed with ‘HAZARDOUS WASTE’ to assist accurate waste disposal.

Red PVC Gloves for general handling. PVC provides excellent resistance to most fats, alcohols, oils and acids.

Battery Acid will burn skin, eyes and any clothing that it contacts. This spill kit provides an immediate solution for many unexpected battery acid leaks or spills. UN approved polyethylene container will safely store damaged or leaking batteries.

Absorbs up-to 40 litres
Neutralizes up-to: 6Litres

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