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10 Litre Spill-Aid Kit in Hard Carry Case

10 Litre Spill-Aid Kit in Hard Carry Case
10 Litre Spill-Aid Kit in Hard Carry Case
10 Litre Spill-Aid Kit in Hard Carry Case
10 Litre Spill-Aid Kit in Hard Carry Case
10 Litre Spill-Aid Kit in Hard Carry Case

Introducing the 10-Litre Spill Kit in a Rugged Hard Carry Case with SpillAid Absorbent - Your Ultimate Solution for Quick and Efficient Spill Cleanup!

The Kit Contains:

1 Tough Spill Case
2 x Packs of Spill-Aid
Dustpan and Brush
3 Pairs of gloves
2 Hand wipes
Pair of protective glasses
3 Disposal Bags with tags

Ready for Action: Our 10-Litre Spill Kit is the ideal companion for handling unexpected spills with ease. Designed for quick response and versatility, it ensures that you are always prepared for accidental spills, leaks, or drips.

Efficient Absorbency: Inside this robust hard carry case, you'll find Spill-Aid, a high-performance absorbent that rapidly and effectively soaks up liquids. Whether it's oils, chemicals, or other hazardous substances, our Spill-Aid ensures a thorough and prompt cleanup.

Rugged Durability: The hard carry case is constructed to withstand tough conditions. Its sturdy exterior protects your spill kit from damage and ensures that your absorbents remain secure and ready for use.

Easy to Deploy: The user-friendly design of this kit allows for quick and straightforward deployment. In case of a spill emergency, simply open the case, grab the absorbent, and get to work. It's a hassle-free solution when every second counts.

Versatile Capacity: Containing 10 liters of Spill-Aid, this kit is suitable for handling a wide range of spill sizes. From small spills in the workshop to more substantial incidents in industrial settings, our kit is up to the task.

Peace of Mind: Whether in the workplace, garage, or any environment prone to spills, our 10-Litre Spill Kit in a Hard Carry Case with Spill-Aid Absorbent offers peace of mind, ensuring you are always prepared to manage unexpected spills effectively and with minimal disruption.

Don't leave spills to chance. Invest in the 10-Litre Spill Kit with Spill-Aid Absorbent, enclosed in a rugged hard carry case, and be ready for any situation. With its convenient design and powerful absorbency, it's the ultimate spill cleanup solution for those who value efficiency and preparedness. Get yours today and experience the difference!

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