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Water Magnets

The SERPRO Water Magnet is a low cost preventative measure, and a solution, to the all to common problem of water contaminating fuel or oil tanks.

Water from condensation, or rain water ingress, can rot a metal tank and no matter wether you are using a plastic or metal storage tank any water in a fuel line will damage the equipment using it. The question is, what to do about it? Siphoning cannot get at all the water, and wastes some of the stored product as well. Draining down is expensive and time consuming.

You need to have the water soaked up and removed. We have the solution - we call it the Water Magnet.

Simply attach a cord to the filter cage, drop it into the tank via a manhole, vent or other convenient opening, secure the cord, and walk away. Once it has dropped to the bottom it will immediately start to absorb any water into the sack in the center, once exhausted the sack will have expanded to fill the cage.



10 x 30cm Water Magnet Size-3
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SKU: WSK17719
Water Magnet Size-1
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SKU: WSK17717
Water Magnet Size-2
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SKU: WSK17718

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