Vytac ACX Acid Neutralizer

Vytac ACX Acid Neutralizer


Available as 4kg dispensing jug.
1Kg Shaker
500g Shaker

Vytac ACX Acid Neutralizing powder is an efficient and quick method of neuatralizing acid spills. The reaction caused by neutralization with VYTAC-ACX generates harmless gases and the residue is environmentally harmless and is easily disposed of.

For maximum safety VYTAC-ACX contains an indicator system that shows you when the liquid is completely neutralized. The powder also contains anti-foaming agents.

1 kg of VYTAC-ACX will effectively neutralize (approx):
500ml of sulphric acid @ 96%
550ml of phosphoric acid @ 85%
660ml of nitric acid @ 70%
1250ml of hydrochloric acid @ 32%
2000ml of battery acid


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