Steresorb+ Body Fluid Sorbent/Disinfectant

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Manufacturer: SERPRO
Manufacturer SERPRO
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Fluids Absorbed Body Fluids
Pack Size 1 x 240g


1 x 240gm tub Steresorb+

Useful for medical practices, dental practices, clinics, ambulance services, first-aid rooms, hospital wards and nursing homes. Also appropriate for schools, sports facilities, home health care settings and the general work place.

  • Broad spectrum disinfectant that absorbs up to 30 times its own volume.
  • Masks offensive odours
  • Solidifies body fluids
  • Removes risk of cross infection


Steresorb+ is an emergency spillage compound of sodium polyacrylate and sodium dichloroisocyanurate which absorbs unpleasant or hazardous body fluids and kills harmful organisms, eliminating the risk of cross infection and easing disposal.


Steresorb+ may be applied directly onto accidental spills of blood, urine, vomit and diarrhoea and is ideal to have on hand in hospitals, nursing homes, ambulances, police cells, canteens, colleges, universities or any other place large groups of people gather and cross infection is possible.


Steresorb+ contains 1% sodium dichloroisocyanurate which is regarded by many, including the world health organisation, the health service and the government as the most effective broad spectrum disinfectant against bacteria and viruses including h.i.v and hepatitis ‘b’. Steresorb+ absorbs 30 times its own volume, is pleasantly perfumed and covers spill making them visually less offensive. Steresorb+ is available in 240gm tubs. Steresorb+ is also available as part of an emergency biohazard spillage kit.

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