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Spill Kit Contents

Whilst there is no definitive list of products that should be contained in a spill kit you can draw up some recommendations based on your own knowledge of the liquid products that you are storing or using.

For instance if you are using oil or fuel based products then it is quite likely that you would need a an oil and fuel spill kit. If you are using acids then you might need a chemical or universal spill kit.

Simply put, a spill kit is a collection of items that are to be used in the event of a spill, a leak or other discharge of fluid. Spill kits are designed so that a prompt response and subsequent clean-up can be performed. The contents of the kit usually contain several types of equipment. Generally they will contain the products to stop to fluid from spreading and absorb it. They might contain drain protection or even plugging compounds to stop leakage from barrels for example. Additionally some protective clothing or even breathing masks could be included. There should also be some suitable method of storing the used absorbents for disposal, these could be suitable marked heavy duty plastic bags or plstic drums or pails with sealed lids.

Of-the-shelf spillage kits usually have just the absorbents and other leak prevention/protection items such as absorbent pads, booms/socks and cushions. For small spill kits they are usually contained in bags, small bins or other portable containers. Large kits might be in wheeled bins or even crates that are placed strategically or moved by a fork-lift truck to the event.

There are other items that you may like, or need, to include and they might be non-sparking shovels, goggles, Tyvek suites and boot covers to name but a few of the common sense items you should keep to hand.

Whilst there is no definitive list your own risk assessment and help from companies like ourselves, will provide you with best possible kit for your circumstances.

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