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Site Surveys and Assesment

There are 2 methods of determining the safety needs and the environmental damage potential of your site.


These are carried out, generally, free of charge and include a short report on the general requirements of your site.  They are carried out by highly experienced members of staff well versed in the EA Pollution Prevention Guidelines and the products needed to assist you in complying with them. This type of reveiw is more suited to smaller sites and companies that may have some spill mitigation in place. If you need to update your HSE information and assess whether you are compliant with the current regulations then this is probably the easiest and cheapest method.



These are more in depth and look at every aspect of your site by our highly qualified inspector who holds a BSc and a Diploma in Pollution Control. This enables you to receive an extensive and in depth appraisal of your site. It covers many apsects including health and safety, drainage, chemical interactions, spill risks that may cause potential pollution and safety & environmental hazards.

It is important to stress that a site survey should be carried out by a qualified person, many companies offer site surveys but not many of them use assesors that have completed their qualifications to such a high level. In many respects you get what you pay for.

To cause or allow pollution is against the law. Magistrates and Sheriffs’ Courts can impose fines of up to £20,000 for pollution offences, and if a case goes to Crown Court there is no limit to the fine and you could go to prison. The polluter will also have to pay clean-up and court costs.

Even if a case is not taken to court, the cost of repairing the damage to the environment has to be met – these costs can be very large. For example, fish restocking can cost thousands of pounds and cleaning up serious groundwater pollution can cost over a million pounds. Insurance premiums will increase considerably if a claim for pollution clean-up is made.

A site survey and following the guidance from the Environment Agency not only reduces the chance of causing pollution, but also makes good business sense. Minimising waste and pollution risk saves money by reducing operating costs. Businesses that have a ‘green’ image are at a competitive advantage, which is important in today’s economic climate.

To discuss a survey for your site contact us on 01622 860 510.

A sample survey is availble by clicking here. This is real survey of a real site, the only changes to it are those which might identify the company or it's location.

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