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Are you looking to improve workplace security and secure sensitive items from unauthorized use?

SERPRO Security Tags and Seals are the ideal way to protect and ensure the integrity of your assets. It has never been easier to provide tamper evident security.

Our Tamper Proof Tags and Security Seals provide protection for your sensitive items and are a sure indicator and deterrent of unauthorized use. Be it containers, doors, valves or anything else that’s supposed to stay sealed or tagged, we have Tags and Seals for it!

Here at SERPRO we can provide you with the means to keep your assets secure and tamper-proof. If the seals’ security is compromised, you will instantly see it and can take action immediately.

That’s also why the security of the lock is complimented with the deterring effect of the anti-tamper seal, making people think twice whether or not to attempt to break that seal.

This enables you to work with more peace of mind and makes it unnecessary to constantly re-open containers to check on their goods. If the seal is still intact, your item is still safe.

Our Tags and Seals come in a wide variety of colors, lengths, and designs. Due to the durable materials, our Tags and Seals can be used in various different conditions and are also perfectly suited for the use outdoors.

If that sound like what you need, then you should have a look at our different categories of Tags and Seals. You are guaranteed to find what you need!


Our Anti-Tamper Tags and Seals can be divided into five different categories:

Each with their unique advantages.

1.    The Barrier Tags and Seals provide you with the highest standard of security. They are ideal for sealing valuable cargo on their journey, as they are the most durable category of seals and are the hardest to remove, thus granting the highest level of safety.

2.    The Custom Printed Tags and Seals are perfect when you need or want to convey additional information. Branding, barcodes and sequential numbering are some obvious advantages, allowing you a better overview and making management easier. Notice that this also facilitates tracking of your assets.

3.    The Fixed Length Tags and Seals are easy to use and very versatile. You can use them to assure the assets’ integrity. They are very easy to apply and are easily removed as well, allowing you to quickly use and secure them.

4.    The Pull Tight Seals are a safe indicator whether or not tampering has taken place. They are great for consumables like fire extinguishers and can be easily removed if the need arises, granting you additional flexibility.

5.    The Wire Seals are perfect for securing small holes due to the little diameter of the securing wire. And like all our other products, they provide you with tamper evident security.

As you can see, our product range has you covered for every occasion!

Why you should buy

When you buy from us, you make a big step toward improving your workplace safety and the protection of your assets’ integrity.

  • No more tampering going by unnoticed.
  • No more ignorance about the conditions of your assets.
  • They deserve to be kept safe from theft and sabotage.

It’s so easy! Just apply our Tags and Seals to the item and you will never miss an unauthorized use again. If you are looking to regain control over your property and your workplace, look no further!

This is the answer you were looking for.

If you still have any questions about any of our Tags and Seals, just give us a quick call and we will provide you with the information you need.

Barrier Tags and Seals
14 products

Custom Printed Tags & Seals
8 products

Fixed Length Tags and Seals
25 products

Pull Tight Seals
9 products

Wire Seals
5 products


LightLock Tamper Proof Security Tags - BLACK
(0 reviews)  
SKU: LightLock-BLK-10

LightLock Tamper Proof Security Tags - BLUE
(0 reviews)  
SKU: LightLock-BLU-10

LightLock Tamper Proof Security Tags - GREY
(1 reviews)  
SKU: LightLock- GRY-10

LightLock Tamper Proof Security Tags - ORANGE
(1 reviews)  
SKU: LightLock-ORG-10

LightLock Tamper Proof Security Tags - RED
(27 reviews)  
SKU: LightLock-RED-10

LightLock Tamper Proof Security Tags - WHITE
(0 reviews)  
SKU: LightLock-WHT-10

LightLock Tamper Proof Security Tags - YELLOW
(4 reviews)  
SKU: LightLock-YEL-10

LightLock-Tamper Proof Security Tags - GREEN
(6 reviews)  
SKU: LightLock-GRN-10

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