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PPG3 - Use and design of oil separators in surface water drainage systems

These guidelines will help you decide if you need an oil separator at your site and, if so, what size and type of separator is appropriate. Following the good practice described does not remove your obligation to comply with relevant legislation and to prevent pollution from your site. Pollution of the environment is a criminal offence and compliance with one or more Guidance Note is not a defence to such offences. You should check the references to other sources of guidance to ensure they are still current.

Oil separators can be fitted to surface water drainage systems to protect the environment from pollution by oils. They separate the oil from the water, and then retain the oil safely until it is removed. They are installed to contain oil leaks from vehicles and plant and accidental spillages. To be effective, oil separators need to be correctly designed, installed and maintained.

Surface water may be contaminated by oil at a number of different sites. These sites need to have measures in place to prevent this oil from polluting the environment. These sites include:

car parks typically larger than 800m2 in area or for 50 or more car parking spaces
smaller car parks discharging to a sensitive environment
areas where goods vehicles are parked or manoeuvred
vehicle maintenance areas
industrial sites where oil is stored or used
refueling facilities
any other site with a risk of oil contamination.

Trapped gully pots can provide adequate protection for car parks that are too small to justify the installation of a separator, but they must be properly maintained.

Whilst there is no direct requirement in the document to use spill kits, except in Section 9, Emergencies, the document does reference other PPG/GPP's that do have either a recommendation or requirement to have spill kits, or other spill containment methods to hand.

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