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PPG1 - General Guide to the Prevention of Pollution

Extracts and notes on PPG1.

Businesses and individuals are responsible for complying with environmental regulations and for preventing pollution of air, land and water. Many thousands of pollution incidents occur each year, originating from factories, farms, transport activities and even homes. Each incident is an offence and can result in prosecution as well as environmental damage. However, most cases are avoidable, given careful planning of operations, responsible waste management and suitable facilities to reduce the risk of spillage - along with simple precautions to deal with any spillages, in case they occur.

The series of Pollution Prevention Guidance notes (known as PPGs), of which this is the first, provides practical advice that will help you to avoid causing pollution, minimise waste and comply with the requirements of the law. Often the necessary measures cost little, especially if you think about them early on, for example at the design stage, and can save you money, too. In contrast, the fines for failing to comply with the relevant regulations or the costs of cleaning up pollution (which are recovered from the polluter wherever possible) can be very high.

The guidance notes cover either a topic of relevance to many sectors, such as oil storage or the use of pressure washers, or are specific to a particular type of site, such as schools, vehicle-servicing garages or hospitals. In general, they are cross-referenced to reduce repetition; the guidance on hospitals, for example, refers to the guidance on oil storage and does not repeat it in detail. You may therefore need several different guidance notes for any one site operation.

PPG1 states in Section 7(a)

The storage of oil at industrial, commercial, institutional and institutional residential premises in England is to be the subject of new regulations due to be introduced in late 2000. Similar regulations for Wales and Scotland are under consideration. These will introduce statutory minimum storage standards. PPG2 - Reference 10 covers above ground oil storage, with the key points listed below;

a. Storage Any oil storage tank and oil stored in drums should be sited on an impervious base within an oil-tight bund with no drainage outlet.

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PPG1 states in Section 8

It is recommended that appropriate spill kits or absorbent materials are held on site. It is essential that staff know what to do in an emergency.

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