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GPP2 - Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks

These guidelines will help you look after your above ground oil storage tanks safely and to minimise the risk of causing pollution.  

They’re good practice advice for tank owners and users but may also be of use to others.

The pollution prevention principles below apply to all above ground oil storage, but these guidelines are specifically written for domestic and small or medium sized commercial oil storage.  We refer to legislation that you must follow in England Scotland and Wales.  

The guidance covers: 

  • underground oil storage
  • drums
  • intermediate bulk containers
  • large industrial oil tanks.
  • tank farms
  • forecourt oil storage
  • storage for dispensing into vehicles

Section 15 Oil Spills states;

An oil spill from your tank is likely to cause pollution; this will damage the environment and your reputation.  Keep a spill kit with commercial sorbent products, sand or earth close to your oil storage to deal with spills, and make sure you or your staff know how to use it safely.  

If you have a spill take immediate action to stop the oil getting into any drains or watercourses.  If you can, soak up the spilt oil with the contents of your spill kit, without putting yourself in danger.  Don’t hose the spillage down or use any detergents to try to get rid of it; you could make the pollution worse.

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To view the complete GPP2 document click here.

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