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Filter Sock

The Simple and Economical way to deal with lightly Oil Contaminated bund and drain water.
oily water in drum bund being pumped out using filter sockusing a filter sock to remove oily water from a drum bund

Economic and environmental benefits

-- Removes oil, fuel and sediment from contaminated water to an almost non-detectable level.
Reduces operating costs by elimination the need to remove contaminated water by tanker as special waste.
Reduces the risk of prosecution by reducing the temptation to release contaminated water into the environment.
Highly useful to companies registered for BS EN ISO 14001 certification.

Easy to use.

-- Only tool needed is a screwdriver.
Simply connect the Filter-Sock to a hand pump and secure with the supplied hose clip.
Pump the contents of the bund or drain through the Filter-Sock.
Regular check the discharge for cleanliness.
Dispose of the used Filter Sock as oil contaminated waste.

The Filter-Sock is not suitable for high pressure pumps or for emulsified liquids. The user should ensure that the Fitler-Sock is monitored to ensure only clean water is discharged and that all local and national regulations regarding discharge to the ground, waterways or other catchments are complied with.

filter sock for removing oil from contaminated water
Multi-Layered Filtration system
removes oil, fuel and sediment

Bunds - Manholes
Drains - Ditches
Retention Ponds

20Litres of OIL



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